Physical therapist designed mattresses and pillows
engineered to improve
sleep health.

As a physical therapist with over 25 years of experience managing spinal issues, clients constantly ask me, “What mattress would you recommend,” and, “What type of pillow should I use?”

Proper Alignment = Better Sleep

In my history and research, I found that a neutral spinal posture fosters the best sleep recovery. The spine must be supported and relaxed to renew its alignment. Our mattresses are engineered to meet that criteria.

Developed for Better Sleep Health

I asked a client I’ve treated for multiple issues that manufactures mattresses and pillows for leading retailers. “What mattresses meet the specifications that I outlined for best sleep recovery?” He said “They do not exist.” Combining my research, years of experience, and his manufacturing expertise, we created the Mission Sleep Mattresses and Mission Pillow.

Mission Sleep

Composed of multiple layers of the highest quality, hybrid materials to achieve luxurious softness with supportive firmness and yield optimal therapeutic sleep.

Mission Sleep
Kulkote® Mattress

Engineered to promote faster sleep with Kulkote a water based, temperature regulating polymer. Cooling the body causes melatonin to be released which can decrease certain types of insomnia.

Mission Sleep

Features plush softness with just the right firmness to maintain spinal posture.